About Us

The Organization

Globalcitizen is an International Educational Organization specializing mainly on Language Learning and IT Training, providing its services through a digital network of Partners and Associates Worldwide. 

It is run by academic professionals specialists in their field, supported by a strong management team of technocrats, top notch professionals, that cover all areas of the business: marketing, sales promotion, technical support, as well as financial and legal services.

Globalcitizen Academic & Professional Status

The Organization has developed and possesses unique academic expertise, as well as top level professional know how in research and development, breakthrough learning methods and pedagogic approaches, course design models, materials development and specialized courses for online learning, in order to address all age group needs and learning purpose worldwide: communicative, educational, cultural, academic or vocational. Students are also awarded certificates and diplomas of international recognition.

Globalcitizen Educational System

The Organization is also the creator of the Globalcitizen®, an international breakthrough educational system, designed for the citizens of the international community, in order to facilitate quick and effective Language Learning and IT training worldwide, in a well organized, codified and reliable manner. 

Globalcitizen Partners & Associates

Globalcitizen has developed a network of partners and associates across all continents, where it has already founded more than 150 language hub-schools and has educated over 1.500.000 students Worldwide

It has also established a long standing cooperation with prestigious Universities, Colleges and Educational Institutes, in order to share knowledge and expertise in better teaching and preparing students for certification, develop effective learning methods, and promote language education and IT training in the highest level.

The Universities, Colleges and Institutions the Organization has cooperated with are the following: Cambridge, Oxford, Greenwich and University of Bristol UK, Michigan Ann Arbor USA, McGill and Concordia Canada, Sorbonne Paris France, Maximillian Gymnasium Munich Germany, Perugia Italy, Salamanca Spain, Instituto Cervantes, Goethe Institute – (University of Munich), Instituto Leonardo Da Vinci Rome Italy, Academia Della Lingua Italiana Florence Italy, TOMER Ankara Turkey and JALT Tokyo, Japan.

Today, the Organization enjoys a reputation for being a model Educational Service Provider and top performer, providing its individual students and corporate clients not only with high quality education and training, but also offering them limitless solutions to their language needs, with more than 17.500 specialized programs for all age groups and learning purposes, in 25+ of the most spoken languages of the world that cover communication needs in more than 115 nations.

Lessons are offered online, through the Globalcitizen Digital Platform®, thus making it easy for everyone to learn the languages and IT programs of their interest, efficiently and effectively and at affordable rates, while at the same time get certificates and diplomas of international recognition.

Globalcitizen Functions

Globalcitizen operates as: 

  • Educator
  • Integrator
  • Business developer
  • Provider
  • Licensor
  • Coordinator
  • Consultant

The Organization develops, produces and provides: 

  • Educational services: Language teaching & IT training 
  • Breakthrough learning methodologies and educational materials 
  • Certification
  • Special language services (Translation, interpretation, 
    plus all types of lingual assistance and support) 
  • Technical expertise and support in web-based learning 
  • Networking
  • Human Resources – Recruiting, Training & Development 
    (Academic, admin and technical staff – Globalcitizen Specialists®).
  • Licensing
  • Consultancy

Globalcitizen Company Structure

The Organization consists of nine cross-functional divisions that design, develop, produce, provide and support the Organizations Products and Services:

  • GLOBALCITIZEN Division of Human Resources (GHR)
  • GLOBALCITIZEN Division of Teacher Training & Development (Globalcitizen Academy®)
  • GLOBALCITIZEN Division of Materials & Methodologies Development (MMDU/R&D).
  • GLOBALCITIZEN Division of Language Education Services (GDLES).
  • GLOBALCITIZEN Division of IT Training Services (GDITTS).
  • GLOBALCITIZEN Division of Special Language Services (GDSLS).
  • GLOBALCITIZEN Division of New Business Development – Expansion & growth worldwide (GDNBD).
  • GLOBALCITIZEN Division of Examinations and Certification (GDEC).
  • GLOBALCITIZEN Division of Licensing (GDL).