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We are Professionals

Globalcitizen is run and supported by top ranked academic and tech professionals that will be at your side and help you throughout the whole process

Work from Home

Teach from home or any other convenient location of your choice. No time wasted between lessons.
Have students from all over the world

Set your Schedule

Teach as much or as little as you want! Schedule lessons according to your personal preference and free time

International Payments

Globalcitizen takes care of international payments so that you won't have to

Build a strong Profile

As a Globalcitizen teacher you are trained to become a Globalcitizen Specialist®, a World-class Teacher, highly skilled in both Academic & Technical matters

Earn Good Money

Earn money by teaching Globalcitizen scheduled groups and private lessons at fixed rates, or teach your own online hosted lessons and set your own prices

Find more Students

Globalcitizen has an enormous community of learners worldwide and helps them learn as many languages as they want. All languages are equally promoted

Safety & Security

Globalcitizen ensures that you get paid after you teach!
We also help you solve problems with students.

What our Teachers say

"What started as a hobby during my free time became my main job over the past three years to which I dedicated myself…"
Adam Hutchinson
English Language Teacher
"Globalcitizen provides me with fixed group lessons plus I can organize my own lessons and charge prices of my liking"
Zhang Lee
Chinese Language Teacher
"When I joined Globalcitizen, I had little experience and basic teaching skills. Now I have evolved to a highly qualified Globalcitizen Specialist"
Josi Santos
Portuguese Language Teacher
"What is impressive with Globalcitizen,
is the support I receive at all levels, which makes my job easy and and highly effective"
Mustafa Rahall
Arabic Language Teacher
"As a Lawyer, alongside my day job, I earn good money teaching the specialized terminology of my profession at my free time"
James Doherty
Legal Professional & Language Teacher
"I've been teaching Dutch for many years.
I consider the Globalcitizen System unique for any modern teacher to apply at any language"
Maria de Gooyer
Dutch Language Teacher



Globalcitizen is an international online language-learning platform that connects language learners with qualified language teachers for group or  private sessions through live video chat.

Globalcitizen is not just a platform that connects students with teachers. It’s an organization that selects only the most talented teachers and provides them with Academic and Technical training in order to make them Globalcitizen Specialists, highly skilled, top knotched professionals that set Language Teaching standards Worldwide.

We also provide our teachers with top quality academic and technical support before, during and after their live lessons 24/7


Submit the Application Form below. 

No, Globalcitizen takes great pride in helping young teachers from all over the world with little or no experience become highly skilled professionals.

Formal teaching certificates are preferable and will increase your chances of admission, but they are not necessarily required.

Due to the high volume of applications Globalcitizen receives, only admitted teachers will hear back from us within two weeks after submission. Globalcitizen does not send rejection letters.

Once accepted, you will then be contacted by our local representatives depending on your location (Europe, North America, South America, Africa, Asia, Australia) as they are responsible for each region.

Next Steps

No, you will take an initial training course (self-study) that you will have to complete and pass.

Unlike other platforms, Globalcitizen provides constant training and support to its teachers from the Globalcitizen Academy in order to provide them with the necessary knowledge and skills (both academic and technical) to excel at their live performances as teachers from day one, always within the norms and methodology of the Globalcitizen Educational System. 

It normally takes one to two weeks to complete and pass the course. 

Upon successful completion, teachers are awared the title of Globalcitizen Specialist – Level 1.

Globalcitizen provides a wide variety of courses especially designed to fit each learners needs.

Courses are organized into Language Suites based on learners:

  • Age
  • Level of knowledge
  • Profile
  • Learning need

There are 7 Language Suites as follows:

  1. Mainstream® 
    General language courses for all age groups and levels of attainment (A1-A2, B1-B2, C1-C2)
  2. TOLIC®
    Quick and effective language education for everyday use for Adult learners
    (Elementary to Intermediate Level)
  3. Exam Preparation®
    Special preparation courses for all types of examinations
    All languages, all levels of competence and Certificates
    • Mainstream – A2, B2, C2
    • Vocational – Elementary, Vantage, Higher
    • University Entry: IELTS, TOEFL, SAT, GMAT, GRE etc 
    • Other
  4. Business Corporate®
    Specialized language courses for everyday use in all facets of the business world
    (Elementary, Vantage, Higher Level)
  5. Professional®
    Specialized language courses for Professional Scientific support
    Engineers, Doctors, Legal Professionals, Scientists etc – (Intermediate to Advanced Level)
  6. Vocational®
    Specialized language courses for practical everyday use for workers in all types of sectors and professions – Hotel industry, Travel & Tourism, Secretaries, Taxi drivers, Security personnel, Call centers, Transportation industry, Sports etc – 250+ Specialized Courses plus Vocational Language Certification
    (Elementary to Intermediate Level)
  7. Office Skills & Personal Development®
    Short courses focusing on very specific personal or vocational situations
    Job hunting, Sales, Negotiating, Meetings, Customer Support, Telephoning, E-mailing, Meetings, Presentations, Public Relations etc
    (Elementary to Intermediate level)
Other Courses:
  1.  Support & Sustainability®
    For students with prior knowledge of a language that want to sustain or/and improve their language skills
    – Reading
    – Listening
    – Speaking
    – Writing
    – Vocabulary
    – Use of Language & Grammar
  2. PPC – Personalized Private Courses®
    Personalized tailor-made courses that cover specific learning needs and personal requirements

Once you have completed and passed the Globalcitizen level 1 course, you will be able to teach your language only for general use (Mainstream & TOLIC Suites)

In order to teach the specialized Courses as mentioned above you will have to apply, study the appropriate Globalcitizen Academy Course and once you have passed you will be awarded the official title of Globalcitizen Specialist on the Language Suite or Suites of your preference.

Having gained this title, you will then be able to represent Globalcitizen as an official highly trained and specialized teacher on each subject matter and excel at your job.

No hit and miss affair

Globalcitizen constantly enriches and improves its educational services.

You are welcome to apply to teach your language and/or specialty.

Once approved, you will be contacted to discuss details


There are three ways to teach in Globalcitizen

  1. Through Globalcitizens annual fixes lesson schedule (Groups) 
  2. Through Globalcitizens platform tools where you will be listed under the appropriate Language Courses offered (Private lessons) 
  3. You can also use Globalcitizens Educational Platform to teach your own students in Groups or Private lessons and provide them with world-class educational services.

It depends on the method of cooperation as listed above

  1. For lessons provided by Globalcitizen, there are fixed rates that we will discuss with you
  2. For your own Group or Private lessons you fix the prices and Globalcitizen gets commission for every e-classroom and lessons taught 


As our teachers come from all over the world, we have made it convenient to receive payment.
All you need is a verified account that can receive payment via any of the below payment partners:
* PayPal
* TransferWise
* Worldpay
* Payoneer
* Bank Transfer (via Payoneer)


All you need is a laptop or desktop computer with an HD camera and microphone, as well as a strong internet connection.

A Skype account is usually all it takes to connect with your students.

You will also need the Microsoft Office Suite (Word, Excel, PowerPoint) or other similar alternatives like Open Office in order to provide your students with the appropriate lesson materials.

You can communicate with your students through the Globalcitizen Digital Platform.

Each lesson, private or group has its own online classroom where teachers can interact with and support their students

Apply to become a Globalcitizen Teacher.

If you want to become a Globalcitizen Teacher, Contact us today and see how you can benefit.

Select the languages that you want to teach
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